Munich to Pilsen 1.–5 Juni 2011

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The cycling road from Munich to Landshut is boring because you’re always in the forest and rarely can see the river. In Landshut I visited Sigrid. I know her from my time in Munich. She gave me a warm bed and a wonderful evening in an Italian restaurant. Kisses for her.

The Isar cycling track from Landshut to Deggendorf is just amazing interesting and cool to drive. I met Alois, a 27 years old chines employee from a big industrial company in china. I met him in the middle of nowhere along the Isar. We both have lost our way because of the ISAR 2 nuclear power plant fuck off forbidden roads. He likes to explore the world and he is annoyed of his colleagues who have absolutely no interest in foreigners or life in general. Culture will hardly change there.


RIMG0434 This is a natural stone wall. Amazing..


In Deggensdorf I ate fried chicken. The hotel owner was so kind to me and we had a nice chat till midnight about when man should marry. She, 60 years old, told me that man need more than 30 years to come of age.

The Bavarian Forrest was demanding like hell. Steep hills but a wonderful nature and very cool cycling roads with absolutely no cars. The camping was small and cute. I met a German couple who invited me for dinner and a morning coffee. Nice people everywhere.


Even more wonderful is the Czech side of this hilly Bavarian Forrest. National Park, untouched landscapes and some long awaited downhills for me. Czech is full of cycling roads. How wonderful and it’s all routable with my toy. No f. highways!


And my first punctured tireFingers crossed


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Munich 29.–30. Mai 2011 Pilsen 5.–6. June 2011

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