Last call from Mompiche. Since more than 2 months I’m helping my brother to build a new home for his future life here in Mompiche. And today, 3 days before leaving, I felt down from the ladder. Bump.

I left TelAviv the 1st December. It took me 4 days to come here and to see my brother, Christian, and Dani who were waiting for me in a nice Shag straight at the beach. I held my little birthday party with my brother! Mompiche is a surfer village and I thought that I’ll learn to surf and that I’ll have plenty of leisure time when I’m here.

Reality is that I had to work from 8 to 5 in a difficult environment. Wet, muddy, sometimes hot and every time surrounded by mosquitos and sandflies. Repellent is my new friend. On the other side I learned so many new things that will help me in the future when I build a house or whatever. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to stand each day with local builders on site and I could practice my Spanish and get insight into there life. I’m talking about Pichin, Cucamama, Mocho, Santiago, la Mona and all the other guys I know now from the village.

RIMG2796 that’s how it looked when I came the first time to the building site.
4th December
and that’s what I did since then. Using things…
RIMG2984 RIMG2988
RIMG3011 up: our lovely workers chill out
weld:  water level has increased to a confortable level


After I’ve been 1 month together with Dani and Tobi they left us because they wanted to continue their journey. Dani, the ganger, did a amazing job during the last 8 months. He was the constructor, technician and everything else. With his talent his able to build a house by his own.

RIMG3048 one of Dani’s masterpieces
RIMG2903 my family for December.
Tobi, Dani and Christian
RIMG2899 watching sunset was one of our evening highlight


I’ve to mention Dani’s talents as a chef too. Almost every evening after a long hard day he started to cook and he enchanted us with incredible good dishes. In Mompiche you get the freshest fruits and vegetables and 20 m from our front door the fisherman, who had their little harbor on the sandy beach, brought twice a day fresh fish. We just had to help them a little bit with picking out the fishes from the net, what is actually very difficult. Or we just bought one pound for 1 dollar. And because my brother has a garden, we had also ruccola, a 2nd italian salad and different spices.

IMG_0269 RIMG2913
baby shark sushi is delicious!


The 7th January my father came visiting us. We picked him up in Quito, were we stud a few days to get around and to acclimate him. And for me to cool down. What actually completely failed. It lighted a fire.
Anyway, seeing my father after 8 months is just wonderful and telling him all the stories I experienced (not all of courseWinking smile) was great. And because he is a experienced carpenter his help was highly welcome to us. Seeing him feeling each day more confortable with Christians dream and the nice small things that can be discovered in Mompiche I am fully satisfied that I pushed him into this this and to stay with us in Ecuador. But I know also very good that he is very happy to be home soon!

RIMG2917 He is so proud of his new camera.
IMG_0097 We behaved like tourists in Quito, to enjoy company. 
IMG_0244 yes, Papi is afraid from water!


Ruben and Christian’s house is now almost finished. However, a dream like this is never really finished and to live in confortable, it’s still a bunch of work. Christian will come back to Mompiche in 3 months to continue with the interior work and to fill the inside with life and color. When I will be back to this wonderful small world is not clear yet. But I will keep this experience as something incredible that gave me new influence. I never though that I will never ever be part of something like that.

RIMG3058 RIMG3060
security is important
who really needs a third bathroom?
RIMG3043 status quo on the ground floor. It’s not finished yet – out workers are advised to finish it within the next weeks. It’s not that much work anymore, but because Mompiche is not part of the western world I think Christian has to push it on again when he is back.


Using the circular saw and all the other heavy duty was at the beginning very scary. But from the point on when I was constructing something (kitchen, ledge, shutter, etc.) then all the tools became handy and I felt very confortable. And my vertigo is not that strong anymore. That’s probably why I felt from the ladder.


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Golan Heights

Israel is a nice place to cycle. Two weeks ago I started in Elat at the Red Sea and now I’m in Nimrod in the upper north of the country. It’s cold and rainy – and I’m sick in bed. The Backpacker “Chalet Nimrod Castle Hostel” gives me the safe place I need now.

I’m going to Equador, visiting my brother. My flight is December 1st from Tel Aviv to Quito. I was so worried about the thing that this year I can’t see autumn with his yellow and brown colors because I’m always in the desert where rarely grow trees. But now in the Golan Heights it’s like I love it. The most beautiful time in the year.


I hope to be fit tomorrow. I want to go to Nazaret where a nice Backpacker is.

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Beirut (2.–12.10.2011)

I spent a great time in Pension Al-Nazim.

I had to wait for a spare part for my bicycle. So I had plenty of time to discover the city and is hidden beauties: You’ve to dig deeeeep.

RIMG2117 Samer & me


I met Mirna, Samer, Peter und 4 Belgians and I’m happy now.

RIMG2143 streetart near the American University

Beirut is not easy to access. It’s loud, stinky and chaotic. When you’ve discovered Hamra and the people trying to live a modern life, you’ll gone love it.

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Kazantip August 5 – 16, 2011

Long time ago I heard about Kazantip and because I like Techno and party this is my destiny in the south of the Ukraine, I though. It was one of the coolest things ever that I could experience. It’s a village made for party people who likes to dance and to freak out. There are no words that can describe it. You pay 160€ entry fee and you get a passport for 28 days of party in this little techno paradise. Every night there are international DJ’s playing and a lot of different other shows take place during the day.

techno city
RIMG1416 RIMG1419


My hotel was not that cheap but it was right at the beach and there were some other guest too who are not into techno. After 3 days party in a row I enjoyed the time with some older people and children too.



In Kazantip it has white sand beach, it is windy and full of young good looking people. It’s reality.

RIMG1426 haSmile


Adel and Adnen, two guys from Paris, were my mates in the hotel. We spent some really unforgettable moments trying to drink vodka with our Russian friends. It took one week till we were able to drink with them.

RIMG1385 RIMG1436

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My way

During my ride I record the GPS-Data. Here you can see a simplified version of the way I made. The exact way with all wrong turns and curves is to big for instance. I’m working on it to publish it somehow:

For instance till Alusta in the Ukraine. I will update it when it makes sense to me.

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Brno to Ostrawa 14.–19. June 2011

After Brno I was heading Ostrawa at the eastern boarder of Czech. Right after I left the city I found myself in a cycling paradise. Cyclingroads going thru deep forests, following steams, crossing steep valleys and finally there were two natural caves, who can be explored with a guide. I didn’t because I was so touched by this magic forest and I followed the small road.

RIMG0648 a nice camping with a amazing castle at Plumlov


In Ostrawa I stud 2 nights in the cheapest hostel of the city. It was dirty and most guests were alcoholics or somehow strange. But there is something in Ostrawa: a party mile. One street full of restaurants, bars and clubs. A coffee shop with tabelsoccer and weed: I was happy. On weekends the mile is crowded like hell. It’s the place to be in this area because there is nothing else there I think. I enjoyed it and I did what I can best: party.

RIMG0662 “gartenstadt” in the suburbs of Ostrawa– it’s not that bad I think

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Heading Brno 10.–15. June 2011

I’m now following EuroCyclingRoute Nr. 4 – I tried at least. Czech is beautiful to cycle. I can’t say in often enough. But don’t forget, it’s hilly too.

RIMG0563 a castleHot smile
RIMG0588 the firefighter games in every smaller Czech village is a good opportunity to get drunk.


Humpolec is a small city with young friendly people who can’t play tablesoccer. But at least they try. After a few beers we went home. One guy of my new friends was so drunk that he used the whole street width. But he was not the only one on this street. There was another guy too who needed a bit more space to balance. It was an unforgettable moment as they meet in the middle of the street and hugged each other and became friends.

In Brno I stud in a Hostel that was at the same time a brothel and a taxi service. Each time I entered to my room I had to go thru the brothel and each time the whores get prepared for a new client. And then they saw me and were disappointed. Brno is nice and the Krypta is the best I saw till now.

RIMG0626 this traditional Czech menu is called “bear foot”
RIMG0633 I like soviet architecture

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